SMS Marketing Services

Communication is the key part to drive success for any company. Being a branded company you too aspire to keep up a direct touch with your large customer base. And SMS marketing gives you that exposure with the formidable result. Our SMS marketing experts at Techibo do make sure, that the clients should experience an increased return on investment, better engagement, enhanced user experience, customization, and authentic performance. To let you explore our work at the depth you need to scroll down below to get some clue on how we work as a prolific SMS marketing service provider.

Automate SMS service:

Techibo is studious and watchful about your customers so we do stand for the best strategies so that you can expect to get an effective result. We automate the SMS service in an intelligent way so that messages should reach the inbox of your customer on special days like greeting for birthdays or anniversaries. In order to make them feel special and loyal as a customer these automated messages act as the key changer.

SMS reporting based on real-time:

Our team has proficiency in devising a strategy that not only involves the customer whom to deliver the message but at the same time, we are mindful of the rate of response timing as well. Remember that this analysis is important for a massive gain. Now through this, we endeavor to get a precise image of how an individual customer reacted to a message and which are the messages they actually reacted. In this way, we get details about the rate of response from the end of the customers. For the sake of our clients, our team indulges in preparing a separate chart and graphs to jot down the behavior of the customers. To conclude this information serves as the base to design the upcoming strategy for your company.

SMS customization:

We have a clear idea that SMS is not long texts instead it has to be brief but meaningful. In that context, our team is very meticulous about the SMS texts. We pen down messages that are short and can reach most of the customers at a single time. Subsequently, we keep the message thoughtful and informative. Above all, we design the whole SMS in a way that it should have the contact details of the recipient at the end.

Text scheduling:

We schedule the text messages so that it reaches the customers on any date and at any time. Actually, we automate the process, and depending on the client either we do that on a regular day-wise or we schedule it for months.

Sms to join:

Our SMS marketing experts have observed short codes, as any special phone numbers is a great way to boost the customer base. It allows the subscribers to be more engaged and react to response times at their best. As we design the texting format, we use some special kind of text words that make the SMS more compelling so that people feel the urge to join your company.

The above jotted are the SMS services that we provide to our clients.