Google Adwords Services

As an entrepreneur, you have to have a precise knowledge that at the end of the day that it’s your brand that gives you recognition. We from Techibo leave no stone unturned to assure that your brand notches to receive immense followers on different platforms. To initiate our attempt we have a specialized team that incessantly researches on the targeting keywords that will foster the presence of your brand on a large scale. We are clear that people who are searching those specific keywords will be able to come across your ads now and then. We are here beside you to escalate your local search. So stand by us to explore our PPC service at a glance.

Customized ads :

At Techibo, we consistently research the keywords to make sure that how the viewers are scouting to reach your services. We prepare a full-length ad copy and highlight those areas that display the ads that perform the best in the category. But in the midst of all these, we also create a draft copy of the competitor’s ad list so that you can understand the performance variation between the two.

Analyzing and tracking PPC Ad:

Our experienced PPC professionals do carry out a profound analysis of the ads. All these are done to track the position of the ads through the ad campaign. However, we are also constantly watchful to the rate that comes through per click. In addition to that, our team headhunts, to get the detail of the cost that comes through per click. Amid all these trackings, we equally pay full attention to the leads, sales, and the calls.

Comprehensive PPC management:

We work day and night to offer an all-inclusive pay per click management solution to our clients. Through our work process, we tweak and manage the bids for an individual campaign. Our management works include analyzing the search fields for the keywords and put the bids according to that. In addition to that, we keep an eye on the average placement of the ad and monitor the cost per click. In addition to that, we work on advanced optimization methods that will boost the campaign management.

Analyzing competitor’s position:

Our diligent and proficient PPC professionals are careful about the competitor’s position in the market. However, we are consistent in our approach so we criticize how the competitors are investing in the pay per click to get an excellent position for the ads.

Advertisement on different platforms:

Your brand needs different exposure and that is possible only when the advertisements are done in the right manner. To do so we run a paid campaign on diverse social media platforms. In addition to that, our ad campaign follows the paid rule on YouTube and Google ad as well.

Paid search campaign:

We optimize the specific landing page through the pay per click. If necessary, we do rework on the ads by targeting that once more and conduct remarketing through campaigns as well.

Thus, the above penned are some of the PPC services we offer.


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